Gameplay Journal 4

Modifications have always been an interesting branch in the gaming community. Most games, especially those considered mainstream, receive many mods that people make to alter the dynamic of their gaming experience. One such mod I will be discussing is known as Cheatimerism which is a mod created by Luca Miranda. This is a mod created around Grand Theft Auto V which centers on the reconfiguration of spaces and switches focus on the political and economic implications of consumption for everyday individuals. Aesthetically speaking, this mod is quite special as it shows a certain level of interest for the immersion aspect of the gaming experience and the identification of game mechanics.

When looking at gaming and certain modifications it is important to note the different genres of gaming and therefore mods that are created for those games. According to Alexander Galloway’s concept of Counter-Gaming, games that generate interest “from the point of view of politics or economics” (Counter-gaming) are the most intriguing and show an artists point of view relating to these topics through their modifications. Luca Miranda’s mod plays heavily into the mechanics and interpassivity during play. His interests created in his mod give players a new outlook on how to experience the game they are playing in subverted new structures of play. This all centers around art and functions that enable players to interpret their own receptions.


Reference: “Counter-Gaming.” Alexander R Galloway, 23 Dec. 2014,,essentially%20coterminous%20in%20today’s%20world.



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