Gameplay Journal 5

Today many things can be seen differently. How one person may perceive something is the opposite for another. This is the same in the game and entertain world as well as all aspects of life. In gaming, I would define a glitch as being a deviation from the normal way a game is meant to be played. This can often result in game breaks or errors. From my own personal experience where many times unexpected glitches have crashed my game file or caused it to break making the game unplayable from that point forward. Rosa Menkman interprets a glitch as a “break from an expected or conventional flow of information or meaning within (digital) communication systems that results in a perceived accident or error.” (The Glitch Moment, p.9) Of course, however, there are certain glitches in mainstream gaming that players purposely apply to their game that are safe to use and change dynamic of standard play.

One such glitch that falls in this category from beloved series of mine would be the void glitch in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. This glitch allows the player utilize a specific game mechanic known as surfing in a room at the end of the game that enables the player to pass into the void space surrounding them where hidden locations can now be accessed with careful directions. This glitch does not harm the players game file and grants entrance to a whole new environment that can short cut many stages of the game, even winning it entirely. This is a glitch that I myself have enjoyed and played through. Giving myself new ways of approaching the game environment and interaction.

Glitch Video Link: (0:23–1:02)

Reference: Menkman, Rosa. “The Glitch Moment(Um).” ,



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